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Shay Lane Primary School


A very warm welcome!


This web page is the place where we will keep you updated on our school experience, learning and other exciting developments.


At Shay Lane Primary School, our Foundation Stage Unit is made up of Nursery and Reception Class.

The Foundation Stage is important in its own right; the curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage is designed to meet the diverse needs of all children, enabling most to achieve the Early Learning Goals and, where appropriate, go beyond.  Children aged three to five constantly encounter new experiences and seek to understand them, extending their skills, developing confidence and building on what they already know.  Children deepen their understanding through playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting, and responding to adults and to each other. Structured and well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is the key to learning with enjoyment and challenge. At Shay Lane we strive to provide the best possible start to your child’s school life. 


The Foundation Stage Curriculum is arranged in seven areas of learning:

Three prime areas

Personal social and emotional development

Communication and language

Physical Development

Four specific areas



Understanding the world

Expressive art and design


We also teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds phases and the Read, Write, Inc scheme by Ruth Miskin.



Easter Egg-stravaganza


Happy Easter to all of our wonderful children and families. A huge well done and thank you for all of the Easter Egg Competition entries. It was a tricky decision for our kitchen staff to make but after much deliberation Ayda was crowned the competition winner. A big well done to everyone!


We hope you have a safe and happy holiday. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon x

Magical Music

Nursery team have been having a ball getting to grips with music. We have been investigating the different sounds that we can make and the correct names to call different musical instruments. We have explored how we can play to a beat and go louder and quieter. As an extra challenge, we are now choosing instruments to add to our story of the week, The Gingerbread Man. We have thought about which sound the characters would make, for example, playing castanets and a wooden block for the clip clop of a horse. We are then adding these to make our story even more exciting!

We are enjoying exploring musical sounds and using them in our play.


In Nursery, we just love books! Story books, information books, funny books, pop-up books and exciting books. Imagine our delight and anticipation when we learned that we would be taking part in World Book Day.

Unfortunately, our first attempt to celebrate this special day was thwarted by The Beast from the East! The snow stopped us in our tracks but Mr Wright kindly rescheduled the fun and festivities for the following week, on Thursday the 8th of March.

The whole team (including teachers) came dressed as characters from books. We enjoyed a fashion show and talking about which characters we had come dressed as. We read lots of stories that we had brought in from home and made special book marks to help us with our reading.

Harry, Eli and Matthew won prizes for the best dressed. What a wonderful day we had! Check out some of amazing costumes below…

Police Who help Us

As part of our topic, People Who help Us, we had a very special visit from a REAL police officer called Martin. The investigation begun in the deep, dark wood by trying to work out who had eaten the porridge and broken Baby Bears’ chair. We used hair found at the scene to work out who had done it. You’ll never guess who we found in Baby Bears’ bed? It was just who we thought, Goldilocks!

Martin then shared with us some of his protective gear and uniform, like handcuffs, super strong Velcro, protective vests and hats. We counted Martin’s pockets in his police vest, including the secret ones! Trey said that Martin needs his torch to ‘shine it in the night to see’. As a special treat, Martin showed us his baton and even let us have a go at testing his protective leg pads. Leighton thought it was ‘big awesome!’

Martin then talked about stranger danger and what police officers do to help children, grown-ups and animals. We even had the opportunity to ask questions and talk about our own experiences. It was a very special day which we will remember forever. Thank you, Martin.

A Snowy Day

Between the Beast from the East and Storm Emma, what a week of weather we have had! We had some incredible snowfall last Wednesday. Not all of the Nursery Team could make it into school safely so we decided to have a different type of day. We read some snowy stories and got creative in the paint area. We even built a snow castle in the Water Area. After that, we tucked into some hot chocolate to warm us up. It really was a snowy day!

People Who Help Us

What a wonderful start to our new topic we have had! The Nursery team thought carefully about people that help us in our lives. We created a class mind map and talked about different people and how they help us. Frankie said that her Mummy and Daddy help her to eat and get dressed. Other children agreed and said that their Grandparents and other family members help too. We then thought about other people who help us, for example: the police, fire fighters, vets, doctors and dentists.

The children have really enjoyed getting into role and helping their friends (and animals), just like the real life heroes that take care of us. We’re looking forward to learning more.

A Teddy Bears’ Picnic

As a celebration for the end of our work on bears, we decided to have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. The children found out which ingredients we needed, and how much, using their massive Maths skills. Miss Martin then went to the supermarket to collect it, along with the sweets, crisps, biscuits and juice that the children requested!  We then made our own sandwiches for the picnic and put on our coats, hats, gloves and scarves to brave the outdoors. It was freezing! We investigated the woodland area and checked how much the spring flowers had grown then started the picnic. Before long, we were all so cold that we decided to eat the rest of it inside! This made us laugh. It was a Teddy Bears’ Picnic to remember.

Shrove Tuesday

Nursery teamed up with Reception for a very special day. We started by learning about Shrove Tuesday and why people eat pancakes on this day. We found out that Christians believe that Pancake Day is the start of Lent. Lent lasts for 40 days and at the end of Lent it is Easter. People might give up chocolate or something they really like during Lent. This helps them to think about Jesus.

The children (and adults) enjoyed learning about the meaning of Shrove Tuesday and making pancakes. We tried pancakes with sugar, lemon, jam and chocolate, and then had to decide which was our favourite. It was an exciting and sticky challenge!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

What a couple of weeks we have had! Maisy found the book of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and wanted to do some work around it. We started by reading the story and talking about the setting and the characters.  After that, we went on our very own woodland adventure. We thought about what we might see, hear and feel if we went into the woods with Goldilocks. Then we recorded our ideas. The outside woodland area really helped us to use our imaginations.

Following this, we enjoyed some creative crafts to show our skills, and develop our new display.

Who’s been eating my porridge?

As part of our Massive Maths work, we tasted three types of porridge: one with sugar, one with raisins and one with strawberry jam. We then had the really tricky job of deciding which one was our favourite. After that, we used our bowls to make a graph of the children’s favourite porridge. We found that jam was the most popular and raisins were the least popular. We then used our skills to create a class pictogram and even had a go at making one independently!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A very warm welcome to our wonderful new children. Our Nursery new starters are settling in very well, beginning to understand our routines and making lots of new friends.

 Our topic this half term is Winter Wonderland. Our first winter story is Big Bear, Little Bear. This lovely book inspired the children to learn more about polar bears so we found video clips and information on the internet. We have enjoyed getting busy in the Winter Wonderland role play areas, where we have been acting out parts of the story and applying our maths problem solving skills.

Massive Maths

The Nursery team are having a great time in our maths sessions. We are learning lots about number and using our counting in our work and in our play. We have even used our number knowledge to solve problems.

Nursery went spotty for Children in Need

Nursery had a super time raising money for Children in Need. We got dressed up in spots and took part in some special Children in Need activities. There were even some prizes from Mr Wright for our best dressed children! 

Fantastic Phonics

In Nursery we are really enjoying our phonic sessions. We are learning new letter sounds, finding the letters in words and even having a go at writing them! We are also learning the letters in our names and how to form them correctly.  Please pop into class and ask if you would like any letter formation sheets to work on at home.

Shape and Pattern 

As part of part of our Maths work, we have been investigating different shapes and patterns. We went on a shape hunt around school and in our outside environment. We could find lots of rectangles but found it tricky to spot triangles. The Nursery team can name different shapes and use them to create a repeating pattern. Check out some of our shape and pattern work…

Our Outdoor Learning

We have really settled into our wonderful Nursery class. We are enjoying our learning inside and outside the classroom. Check out some pictures of us in our outdoor environment.


Our Gruffalo Hunt

The children in Nursery have enjoyed reading the story of The Gruffalo. We have sequenced the story and talked about the characters. We even had a visit from the Little Brown Mouse who took us on a Gruffalo Hunt!


This half term we have been learning all about ourselves. We have been getting to know each other and talking about what makes us special. We have also been learning about different body parts and we had lots of fun drawing around our friends and adding labels.