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Shay Lane Primary School

A very warm welcome!


This web page is the place where we will keep you updated on our school experience, learning and other exciting developments.


At Shay Lane Primary School, our Foundation Stage Unit is made up of Nursery and Reception Class.

The Foundation Stage is important in its own right; the curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage is designed to meet the diverse needs of all children, enabling most to achieve the Early Learning Goals and, where appropriate, go beyond.  Children aged three to five constantly encounter new experiences and seek to understand them, extending their skills, developing confidence and building on what they already know.  Children deepen their understanding through playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting, and responding to adults and to each other. Structured and well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is the key to learning with enjoyment and challenge. At Shay Lane we strive to provide the best possible start to your child’s school life. 

The Foundation Stage Curriculum is arranged in seven areas of learning:

Three prime areas

Personal social and emotional development

Communication and language

Physical Development

Four specific areas



Understanding the world

Expressive art and design

We also teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds phases and the Read, Write, Inc scheme by Ruth Miskin.

A Real Royal Wedding


What a wonderful week we have had! Foundation Team have taken part in lots of wedding- related activities, in the build-up to our very own Royal Wedding. The children have enjoyed designing suits, wedding dresses and cakes for the big day as well as researching information about the Royal Family and what will happen at the special event.

On Friday we came dressed to impress, ready for our Royal Wedding day. We teamed up with Year One for the wedding ceremony in the hall. Stanley led the ceremony and the guests enjoyed taking photographs and throwing confetti. Following this, we had the party of a lifetime with some of the best dancing we have ever seen. Tommy taught us how to spin on our tummies and Matthew showed us how to slide on our knees! We then had a brilliant picnic outside with sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and the buns that we had made. It really was a Royal Wedding to remember.

Gardeners' World

On a sunny April day, Nursery came to join the Reception Class on their carpet. We learned a super song about how seeds grow into fruit, vegetables and flowers,

Miss Martin and Mrs Preston had a special vegetable garden for us to plant together, as a team.

We read the instructions together. First, we had to mix water and soil with the special coconut fibre. When the mixture was ready, we had to cram it into the special tank. We decided to get messy and use our hands!

We had a good look at the carrot, radish and spring onion seeds. We talked about how something so tiny does such a big job and thought back to our special song to remember what they need to help them grow. Next, we used our fingers to make holes for the seeds. Finally, we added special labels so that we would know which seeds we had planted. We can’t wait for them to start growing!

Easter Egg-stravaganza


Happy Easter to all of our wonderful children and families. A huge well done and thank you for all of the Easter Egg Competition entries. It was a tricky decision for our kitchen staff to make but after much deliberation Ayda was crowned the competition winner. A big well done to everyone!


We hope you have a safe and happy holiday. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon x

Outdoor Learning

In our Foundation Stage Unit, we like to take our learning outside. When we are outside, we can develop our skills and confidence, as well as having a lot of fun. When learning is fun, we feel like we can do anything!

Check out these fabulous photographs of our outdoor activities...




We have had lots of fun getting to know each other and doing lots of activities for our topic of All About Me.

We worked in teams to draw around each other and label our body parts. One of our favourite moments was when we decided to draw around Mrs Preston! The following photographs will show you how good we are at working in a team. Teamwork makes the dream work!




When the frost was sparkling on a November morning, we decided to wrap up warm and investigate. We discovered sheets of ice on the outdoor writing desk so we started to chip away at it. Imagine our joy when we discovered different shapes in the icicles! 

Later, we wanted to know what would happen if the ice came inside. Predictions were made and the ice was brought inside for us to monitor. We had lots of fun checking the ice until it melted into water. 

Spider Excitement!

When Mrs Preston went to get the treasure books, the last thing she expected to see was a gigantic spider. What a surprise! The children were all eager to have a good look. We named him Elvis and decided to take him outside, to safety.  This was a super opportunity to talk about living things and how they should be treated with care and respect. Elvis is now alive and well, living in the outdoor area.

The Number Gnome

We have an extra member in our class, called The Number Gnome. He is cheeky and sneaky, and always sets challenges for us to complete! He recently challenged us to add numbers together...


Our new topic this half term is Winter Wonderland. In Reception, the children made a mind map to show what they would like to know about animals in colder climates. 

Our first Winter Wonderland story was Big Bear, Little Bear. This lovely book inspired the children to learn more about polar bears so we found video clips and information on the internet. After reading our story, we became 'Drama Llamas' and acted out parts of the story. We enjoyed this activity so much that we took our drama into the hall and acted out the different parts, in the correct order. Check out the fabulous pictures of the children scooping snow, running, jumping, swimming and snuggling down in their caves, just like real polar bears! 

Let's Get Physical!

In Reception Class, we love to be active and healthy! Every Thursday, we use our independent dressing skills to get changed for PE and then we get stuck into our lesson in the hall. It is important to listen carefully and stay safe so that we can develop new skills. We have been learning about the effects of exercise upon our bodies, as well as the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Police Who Help Us

As part of our topic about people who help us, we had a very special visit from a REAL police officer called Martin. The investigation began in the deep, dark, wood, where we tried to work out who had eaten the porridge and broken Baby Bear's chair. We used hair found at the scene to work out who had done it. You will never guess who we found in Baby Bear's bed? It was, just as we suspected, GOLDILOCKS!

Martin then shared with us some of his protective gear and uniform such as handcuffs, super strong Velcro, protective vests and hats. We counted the pockets in Martin's vest, including the secret ones! As a special treat, Martin showed us his baton and even let us have a go at testing his protective leg pads, by hitting him in the shin! It didn't hurt him because the special shin pad protected him, just like it does when he is on the beat.

The children were really excited when given a chance to try out Martin's real police gear. Take a moment to enjoy the photographs! You might spot Mrs Preston, getting ready to fight some crime!

We were also lucky enough to have time to ask Martin lots of questions about the role of a police officer in the community.  Everybody was amazed by all the different things that the police force do to help the public.  Finally, we discussed stranger danger, and how we should never speak to somebody that we don't know. If in doubt, look for a police officer in uniform!


In Reception, we just love books! Story books, information books, funny books, long books, short books, thick books, thin books and exciting books. Imagine our delight and anticipation when we learned that we would be taking part in World Book Day.

Unfortunately, our first attempt to celebrate this special day was thwarted by The Beast from the East! The snow stopped us in our tracks but Mr Wright kindly rescheduled the fun and festivities for the following week, on Thursday the 8th of March.

The whole team (including teachers) came dressed as characters from books. Miss Flood and Mrs Preston both turned up as Little Red Riding Hood so we had two for the price of one! We read the story of Red Riding Hood and acted out parts, using our Drama Llama skills. We also used our artistic talents to create beautiful paintings and pictures of characters from the story, which we shared in a special, whole-school assembly.

Woody and Keira won prizes for the best dressed in Reception and everybody took home a special bookmark and voucher for a free book to keep forever.

What a wonderful day we had!