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A very warm welcome!


This web page is the place where we will keep you updated on our school experience, learning and other exciting developments.


At Shay Lane Primary School, our Foundation Stage Unit is made up of Nursery and Reception Class.


Our Early Years Vision is to:





The Foundation Stage is important in its own right; the curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage is designed to meet the diverse needs of all children, enabling most to achieve the Early Learning Goals and, where appropriate, go beyond.  Children aged three to five constantly encounter new experiences and seek to understand them, extending their skills, developing confidence and building on what they already know.  Children deepen their understanding through playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting, and responding to adults and to each other. Structured and well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is the key to learning with enjoyment and challenge. At Shay Lane we strive to provide the best possible start to your child’s school life. 


The Foundation Stage Curriculum is arranged in seven areas of learning:

Three prime areas

Personal social and emotional development

Communication and language

Physical Development

Four specific areas



Understanding the world

Expressive art and design


We also teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds phases and the Read, Write, Inc scheme by Ruth Miskin.



We love our ducklings

We took them swimming! They splashed us as they learned to swim. It was so much fun!

A Duckling Update

All 6 of our eggs have hatched! Over last week, we have watched as the 6 ducklings hatched from their eggs. It was unbelievably exiting! We have listened carefully to their little quacks and watched as they have got stronger. Today, we decided that they were strong enough to come out of the cage. We sat in a circle and watched as the ducklings ran and played in our circle. They kept coming up to us and giving us a gentle peck. It really made us smile.

A visit from Elsa the Chocolate Labrador

What an exciting morning Nursery Team have had! Mrs Allen (Mrs Norbury’s mum) brought in the family dog, Elsa. Mrs Allen told us all about what she has to do to care for Elsa. She showed us how to brush Elsa’s teeth using a special Denta Stick; brush her fur with a special dog brush and eat her breakfast out a special bowl (she even showed us the special poo bags!).

Mrs Allen then showed us some tricks that Elsa could do. She could sit, lay down, stay and catch a ball. We then got into a circle and all had a turn at stroking Elsa. We were very quiet and gentle so we didn’t scare her. Elsa really enjoyed this and kept smiling and wagging her tail! Thank you Mrs Allen for a fantastic morning xx

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Where’s the summer?!

Even after all our singing about the sunshine, it’s still raining! So Nursery Team decided to go on a Rain Walk. We discussed what we could see and how it felt. We also described the changes that the rain had made to our outside area. There were lots of puddles and mud but the rain had really helped the plants to grow.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Nursery Team have had a super time working on our story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We started with some maths work and made our very own caterpillars using paint and careful counting. As an extra challenge, we even found one more and one less.  After that we created pictures of what the caterpillar ate. We made meaningful marks and wrote some key words. We have also enjoyed learning about the life-cycle of a butterfly and singing songs all about it. But one of our favourite things that we did was tasting the food that the caterpillar ate (don’t worry, we didn’t eat the nice, green leaf!)

A visit from Luna the African Pygmy Hedgehog 

This morning, Nursery have been extremely lucky to meet a real hedgehog! Luna is not like the hedgehogs that we might see in our gardens, she is white and light brown. Luna is a pet and can only live indoors. She sleeps during the day and is awake at night. Luna is 9 months old and likes to eat worms! Although Luna has spikes but they were not sharp. She has a very soft tummy and a big nose! We really enjoyed learning all about Luna and delicately touching her back. Thank you, Nic for bringing her in to meet us.

PE with Mr Biltcliffe 

Nursery team are really getting stuck into their PE sessions. We are learning to move in lots of different ways and playing new games with our friends. We have also been discussing what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

Who's that trip trapping over MY bridge?!

We have had a fantastic time creating the trolls that we designed. We’ve used describing words to talk about our troll and careful counting skills to add the different features. It’s been so much fun!


A Musical Investigation

Nursery Team have had a fantastic time experimenting with musical sounds. We were given the challenge to add sounds to the story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, but we did not know which sounds to add. To begin our investigation, we went into the hall to play different musical instruments, for example, chime bars, triangles and tambourines. We discussed the different sounds that they made and the correct way to play then. After this, we had to choose which instrument we wanted to use in the story. Some of us thought that a drum would be good for the troll. Some of us thought that claves would be a good sound for Big Gruff. It was very interesting to listen to other people’s ideas.

After all our investigating was done, we rehearsed adding the sounds to our story. It sounded so amazing that we decided to perform it for Reception Team! Mrs Melgram even came in to watch!

Our Woodland Area 

The PTFA have worked very hard to improve our woodland area. Nursery team have been enjoying exploring the new parts and discussing the changes that we can see. One of our favourite parts was the den and seating around the pear tree. We were shocked to see the changes to the daffodils but understand that they will die and then grow again. Thank you to the PTFA for making this area so exciting for us.

Cacao Tasting

A huge thank you to our wonderful Harry, who brought in a selection of cacao products for us to try. We were very excited to find out what the cacao tastes like before it is turned into chocolate. Some of us really liked the taste of cacao. Some of us really didn't!

We had a wonderful time raising money for Red Nose Day 2019

Science Week – Chocolate Investigation: Part Two

We are having a fantastic science week so far! As part of our investigations, we have been experimenting with changing materials. We have been using special scientific words like solid, liquid and melt.

Building on our chocolately work, we had a tricky question to answer. How could we get an Easter egg onto a banana? We came up with lots of fantastic ideas like using glue or sellotape to stick them together. After sharing our thoughts we decided that the best way would be to melt the chocolate onto the banana. We used a microwave to heat the chocolate and this changed it from a solid into a liquid. We had a hilarious and very messy time getting the runny chocolate onto the banana.

We even found out that when chocolate cools down it turns back into a solid!

From Bean to Bar

As part of Science Week, Foundation Stage have been learning about different foods that come from the jungle/rainforest. Imagine the children’s surprise when they learned that chocolate is a product of the jungle! We discussed the fact that the chocolate doesn’t just grow on a tree, all wrapped up in a tasty bar. We watched a special video that showed us how cacao beans are transformed into delicious, smooth chocolate. The machines at the chocolate factory crush, mix, melt and mould the chocolate, before wrapping it up and sending it out to supermarkets across the country. Did you know that white chocolate is actually made with cocoa butter?

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we then tasted milk and white chocolate. The children enjoyed talking about the flavour and texture of the different chocolate, before deciding upon their favourite.

World Book Day

Nursery had a fantastic time celebrating World Book day. We came to school dressed as one of our favourite story characters and completed some exciting book related activities. As part our special day, we went into the hall for a big show and tell. We explained a little bit about our characters and some of us even did a bit of acting!

As an extra celebration, we invited in all of our grown-ups for a Treasure Book Look. We shared the amazing work that we have been doing and asked our grown-ups if they would like to stay and play. Thank you to all of our wonderful families for their continued support. We are so proud of our amazing Nursery Team.

Spring is here!

This morning, Charlie brought us in some beautiful daffodils from her garden. We talked about what flowers need to grow and decided that we wanted to find more daffodils, but where would we look? Nursery Team thought that there would be flowers in the woodland area so that is where we went. Not only did we find daffodils, we also found daisies and crocuses. We are excited that Spring time is here!

A Jungle Description

Today, we turned into mini teachers! Miss Martin gave us some different pictures of a jungle. We had to work with our friends to use words to describe a jungle setting. We had to think about what we might see, hear and feel. After we had shared our ideas in a small team, we then got to sit on the teacher chair and tell the rest of the class. We came up with some amazing ways to describe a jungle setting. Some of the jungle descriptions sounded beautiful; others sounded a little scary! Then we made a postcard to send to our family all the way from the jungle.

Chinese New Year!

What a wonderful time Foundation stage have had celebrating this special festival. We started our week by learning about Chinese culture and the reasons for this celebration. We could not believe that China is almost on the other side of the world! We used technology to research how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Some of the facts that we found out were: people clean the house to welcome in the New Year; people wear fancy new clothes; red is thought to be a lucky colour so people often wear red and receive money in a red envelope; many people attend a special parade where there are dragons, fireworks, dancing and special food. The children decided that they would like their own Chinese New Year Parade so we made a list of things to prepare. It was so much fun, making our own Chinese dragons and the authentic food was delicious! Check out some pictures of our Chinese dancing!

A Jungle Adventure

As part of our jungle topic, we received a letter from one of the characters in our story. Mr Butterfly gave us a very special challenge. We needed to go into our woodland area to find some monkey facts that he had lost. When we got back inside (to the warmth) we shared the facts that we had found and any others that we knew. It made us feel a bit sad that there are lots of animals in the jungle that like to eat monkeys for their dinner, for example, crocodiles, tigers and even snakes! After this, Nursery Team decided that they would like to share their learning with the Reception children and plan their own jungle adventure.  It was all very exciting!

Magical Music

Nursery team have really been enjoying our music sessions. We have been learning the names of different instruments and how to play them correctly. We have been listening carefully to the different sounds that they make and then we have been playing them louder and quieter. As an extra challenge, we have also been trying to play to the pulse of the songs that we sing.

Road safety

This week, we received a very special delivery in Foundation Stage. A green box was left for us with a very important message inside.  We read a story called Teddy Takes a Tumble. It was all about a boy called Billy and his best friend, teddy. They did everything together and went everywhere with each other. One day, on the way to Grandma’s, a cat ran out in front of their car. Unfortunately, Teddy did not have his seat belt on and when mum stopped the car quickly, teddy was hurt.  At the end of the story, Teddy was ok and Billy remembered to ALWAYS fasten his seatbelt.

Foundation Stage had a wonderful discussion about road safety and how wearing your seatbelt keeps you safe. We even listened to some songs and stories about road safety, and promised to be safe, all of the time.

An Icy Investigation

When we were eating our fruit and milk, we got talking about the weather and how it was cold and icy outside. Some of the Nursery Team wanted to find out how ice was made. Did it come from a wizard? Was it Princess Elsa? Was it the cold weather that made ice? We decided there was only one thing to do – investigate!

We filled up some cups with water from the tap. In some cups we added colour and in some we added glitter. The children decided that we needed to put the cups outside, overnight, to see if the water turned into ice.

The next day we investigated what had happened to the water. As if by magic, it had turned into ice. After lots of fantastic ideas, we found out that it was the cold weather that froze the water and turned it into ice. We then used our warm hands to melt the ice and turn it back to water. It was an exciting, icy investigation!

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful start to the new year we have had! We would like to say a huge well done to all of our new children and families for settling into school so well. Also, a massive well done to our older nursery children who have been extremely kind and welcoming. Nursery team have been enjoying exploring the areas and learning inside and outside the classroom. Check out some pictures of us investigating our provision…

Christmas Party Day!

The Christmas season is always lots of fun in school! Today, we have been full of joy and feeling excited about our Foundation Stage Christmas Party. Our party day started with a festive fashion parade, where we all showed off our party clothes. There was lots of merriment, as we realised that lots of us were wearing matching outfits!

After a special visit from Mary and Joseph (who were en route to Bethlehem) we went into the hall for dancing, singing, games and special party food. There was plenty of Christmas cheer to go round and a very merry time was had by all.

Mary and Joseph’s Journey

What a special day we have had! Foundation Stage were privileged to be visited by Mary, Joseph and their donkey, on the way to Bethlehem.

We retold the Christmas story and added songs from our own school nativity play. After that, we took Mary and Joseph to our Christmas party. They enjoyed sitting under the tree and watching our festive celebrations.

After the party, we wished them a safe onward journey to Bethlehem.

Women's Vote

In respect of the 100 year anniversary of the vote for women, Foundation Stage got together to talk about what makes us special. We decided that everybody is unique and that this is a good thing. We then discussed equality and how it is important that we are all different but all equal. The children couldn’t believe that boys and girls have not always been equal, like we are today. In celebration of our wonderful world we decorated biscuits in the suffragette colours.

Sign Language Lessons

When Nursey Team were talking about how everyone is unique, we thought about people that cannot hear like we can. We used our ears to listen carefully and talked about how it might feel to be deaf.

As if by magic, one of our amazing mums, Mrs Kent, asked if we would like her to teach us some sign language so that we could communicate with someone that could not hear. We were very excited about this and said that we would love Mrs Kent to come into Nursery and teach us some sign language. So far we have learned how to sign things like hello, good morning, well done and I love you. We have also learned the signs for Baa Baa Black Sheep; It’s Raining, it’s Pouring and The sun has got his hat on. We are looking forward to learning lots more. Thank you Mrs Kent x

Children in Need!

What a fantastic fundraising day we have had! It all began with using the computer to research the reasons behind this special day. Foundation Team found out that Children in Need started 38 years ago and since then has raised millions and millions of pounds to help those not as fortunate as us.

We made a class mindmap to record all of the things that we thought children might need help with, for example, somewhere to help them if they are poorly, clothes, food and clean water.

We learned a totally awesome Children in Need dance and had a fantastic time using our creative craft skills to make our own Pudsey ears. Thank you for all your donations. We have really enjoyed supporting Children in Need 2018.

We are all unique!

For Anti-bullying Week, Nursery thought it was important to celebrate differences. We talked about how it might be boring if we were all exactly the same and how it makes it interesting and fun that we are all different.

We read Elmer by David McKee and thought carefully about the message in the story and talked about what it means to be unique. As we were creating our very own, individual elephants we talked about what makes us special and decided that being unique is awesome!

Whilst creating our elephants, we explored texture, colour, shape and pattern, as well as using our creative craft skills. We were so proud of our work that we decided to put it on display for everybody to see.


As part of our topic on Fantastic Festivals, we have been learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Foundation Stage teamed up and used technology to research facts. These are some that we found:

* Diwali celebrates new beginnings;

* People call it The Festival of Light and make special diva lamps;

* There is a story about Rama and Sita, where diva lamps lit their way home;

* Hindus eat special food and wear special clothes;

* There might be fireworks to celebrate this special time.

One of our favourite facts was that during Diwali, people often do special dances. We learned a dance all about the five days of Diwali and how it is celebrated. After this, we went into the hall where we performed the dance and even practised some freestyle Diwali dance moves! Lots of children were confident enough to demonstrate their dances to the rest of Foundation Stage.

Halloween Disco!

Foundation Stage had a spoooktacular Halloween Disco Day. We arrived at school in our fang-tastic costumes and started the day with a fashion parade. We read a spoooooky story and then got our dancing shoes on ready for the party. In the hall, there was singing, dancing, sliding on knees and party food! A big thank you to the PTFA for providing snacks and prizes. Congratulations to Alfie who won the scariest outfit in Foundation Stage and Eve who scooped the award of cutest costume.

Frankie’s Challenge.

Well our plan for this morning went out the window! Frankie brought in a Peppa Pig challenge from her house, for Nursery Team. There were a number of special activities that we needed to complete. Each one was linked to a job that we might want to do when we grow up. As a team, we decided it would be best if we went into the hall and had a go at some of the special activities.

We had a ball! We turned off all the lights and imagined we were astronauts in space and explorers in caves. We climbed the wall ladders and pretended we were firefighters. We marched like policeman and balanced like superheroes. Nursery Team even pretended to ride a horse like real cowboys and cowgirls.

After all these exciting challenges we had some time to reflect and think about what we wanted to be when we grow up. Some of the jobs we would like to have are: firefighters, nurses, teachers, doctors, police officers and witches! Thank you, Frankie for this unplanned, extraordinary morning.

Nursery Team to the Rescue!

As part of our maths work we have been counting carefully and beginning to form our numbers. When we went to do our maths challenge this morning, it was missing! In its place was a letter from the Evil Pea. He had taken our maths work and hidden it. Could Nursery Team find the maths work and complete our challenge?

We searched all around school, even up to Year Six. We couldn’t find our maths work anywhere. Then Alfie had a super idea, he said that we needed to check outside. There it was! Our maths counting challenge was spread all over the woodland area. We collected the numbers and counted the Evil Pea pictures carefully. As an extra challenge, we even matched the number to the correct quantity.

Nursery team to the Rescue!

Fantastic Fruits and Vegetables

What an exciting week we have had! We have tasted lots of different fruits and vegetables. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our wonderful families for the food donations you have given us. We used all of our senses to investigate the food first and then tasted them. Most of us really enjoyed the melon and pineapple but many of us didn’t like the lemon. We pulled some very funny faces as we tried it! We then tasted unicorn carrots. They were amazing! They were lots of different colours but all tasted like a carrot. It boggled our minds! We then used our thumbs to rate our favourite fruit and vegetables.

Supertato at Home

Following our work on Supertato the children came into Nursery full of beans! They had lots of tales to tell about what their Supertato had got up to at home.

Supertato had been in the car with Frankie and Sonny. He had jumped on Charlie’s hands at her house. When he went to Sophie’s house, Supertato started with a nap and then played with Sophie and her brother, Thomas. He landed on Willow’s dad’s dinner plate and bounced on Alfie’s bed. These were just some of the adventures Supertato got up to. It all sounded very exciting!

Thank you, grown-ups for all your support!

Supertato to the Rescue!

Nursery Team had a very special visit from a very special character this morning. When we had finished the register we noticed that there was an interesting looking potato in our fruit and vegetable basket, along with a book. It turns out that overnight, Supertato had been into Nursery and left us a number of challenges! We had a fantastic time reading the story and describing the characters. We especially enjoyed the challenge of turning some very normal potatoes into superheroes! Supertato to the rescue!

Oliver’s Vegetables

Nursery have really enjoyed reading the story of Oliver’s Vegetables. We have learned the names of different vegetables and how they grow. As part of our work on senses, we decided to taste different vegetables, just like Oliver.

We used our sense of smell, touch and sight to investigate vegetables and then taste them. We used technology to research them further and found out that a pepper and aubergine are not a vegetable, they are actually a fruit!

We worked as a team to create a pictogram to shows Nursery’s favourite fruit/ vegetable. It was a very exciting morning!

Can you see the picture of Willow and Sophie? They brought in some very interesting vegetables from home. Do you know what they are called?

Super Senses

As part of our topic we have been exploring our senses, starting with the sense of ‘touch’. We have enjoyed a Touch Challenge where we had to guess the mystery hidden items, using only our hands. We then made some totally awesome hand prints, whilst experimenting with colour mixing. We thought of words to describe how the paint felt, for example, cold, slimy and soft.

Massive Maths

Nursery Team have gone crazy for conkers, after lots of children have brought them into school! We have been using our massive maths skills to say numbers in the correct order, as well as carefully counting conkers. For an extra challenge we have also had a go at recording our work.

Outdoor Learning

Anything we can do inside, we can also do outside! The sunny autumn weather has given us plenty of opportunities to get stuck into some outdoor learning, including some practical maths and problem solving challenges.

Getting to Know You (getting to know all about you)

What a wonderful start to the school year 2018-2019! We have had lots of fun getting to know each other and settling into our new classrooms. We are having a great time exploring our environment and accessing the different areas. In Foundation Stage we are singers, dancers, actors, builders, artists, explorers and so many other things. Check out the pictures of us showing what we can do!