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Year 2 

Teacher - Miss Whipp           Teaching assistant - Mrs Skitt     

Come and share our learning journey!

Please see the half termly parent overview to find out what the children will be learning this half term, it is located in the curriculum tab.


For our seaside topic, we visited Filey! Accompanying us on our exciting seaside adventure was Year 1 and Reception. We had so much fun! Take a look at some of our pictures from this special day.


As a part of our pirate topic, we have created our very own pirate ships! Firstly, we explored objects that are made out of a variety of different materials. We discussed the suitability of these materials and why objects may be specifically made out of them. Once we had concluded our discussion, we created a plan for making our own pirate ships using materials that would be the most effective and suitable. We thought hard about the conditions pirate ships went through when on sea (storms, rough sea, staying afloat). After that, we constructed our very own pirate ships using a variety of materials from our plans. Finally, we tested our pirate ships to see if they could stay afloat in water. We found that some pirate ships stayed afloat, some ships sank and others tipped over! However, we have reflected from our observations and now know the most suitable materials to use when making pirate ships!

TT Rock Stars

We really enjoyed our launch day for TT Rock Stars! We have all accessed the maths multiplication programme and have rocked our way to becoming maths multiplication stars.

Dungeons and Dragons

Check out our fantastic castles that we have created as a part of our dungeons and dragons topic!


In Maths, we wanted to show off our adding skills so we took Miss Whipp's place and became Year 2 teachers!

We felt so confident in our new skill of adding using a partitioning method that we wanted to share our reasoning with the class. If you listen carefully, we will explain our step-by-step method that we have been learning to break down our adding process of 2 two-digit numbers.

Could fire-breathing dragons have existed?

This week, we conducted an experiment to test the prediction that fire-breathing dragons did exist. We have done lots of research about dragons and animals that appear to be similar to dragons. However, we simply couldn't imagine the possibility of a dragon breathing fire, until... 

We gathered all of the materials that a dragon could eat to start a fire in its stomach. Then we put it to the test! Have a look at our video to find out what happened. 


We had a special visit from Warburtons' bakery to teach us all about the history of their company. They also taught us the importance of healthy eating and how Warburtons became so popular today. We even had the opportunity to taste some bread and then make our own! Warburtons have very kindly let us take our hedgehog bread away with us, along with a packet of bread. We thank Warburtons for teaching us lots of skills this morning.

Royal Armouries

Our topic this term is Dungeons and Dragons so we visited the Royal Armouries. We learned lots of fantastic and interesting facts about the heroic Sir George and his dragon slaying adventure story. Next, we worked with Year 1 to help Sir George build his castle, which was destroyed by the fire-breathing dragon! Royal Armouries gave us a tour around their museum and we looked at interesting pieces of armour that knights wore a long time ago. We even tried some armour on! Also we came across many castles in the museum. We looked closely at how the castles were structured to inform our DT skills for when we make castles in school. We thoroughly enjoyed our school trip and thank Royal Armouries for providing us with many enjoyable memories.

Road Safety

This morning, we had a very important road safety lesson. Two visitors came into our class to discuss the importance of staying bright at night! We have learned that when walking outside with an adult we must wear bright and visible clothing for cars to spot us on the streets.

Science Experiment!

In our topic session today, we were scientists! We predicted whether germs on our hands would make apples rot at a quicker rate compared to a 'clean' apple. To conduct this experiment, we carefully put a clean slice of apple into one jar using special gloves, so germs couldn't transfer from our hands. For the remaining jar, we passed around a piece of apple for it to collect our germs (of course we washed our hands afterwards). We are excited to see the results over the following week.

Pizza Express

To support our topic, which is World Kitchen, we made a trip to Pizza Express in Harrogate. Firstly, we were taught interesting facts about pizza toppings and where certain foods come from. We were then given the opportunity to make our own pizzas! Whilst we waited patiently for our pizzas to cook, we had a fun quiz about food.

Secret Parcel!

When we entered our classroom on Tuesday morning, we found a strange parcel and a letter addressed to Year 2. To our amazement, we found that it was a letter from Santa Claus! He had requested a class of hard-working elves and left a list of important jobs to carry out throughout this week. He also left envelopes to allow us to send letters to him. Santa wanted two top elves to help and support Year 2 and very kindly left two amazing elf costumes!

A secret elf door has been planted in our classroom and if we see sprinkles of glitter we know Santa's helpers have visited us.

We are trying extremely hard to show Santa our high standard of writing and maths problem solving. We hope he will be impressed!

Vote 100

In respect of the 100 year anniversary of the vote for women, Year 2 discussed what makes us unique. We then discussed equality and how it is important that we are all different but all equal. The children couldn’t believe that men and women have not always been equal, like we are today. In celebration of Vote 100, Year 2 have iced suffragette biscuits and made posters to encourage fairness. 

Great Fire of London

In topic, we have used our knowledge of key events that happened in the Great Fire of London to create our own artistic visual representations. We used a specific drawing technique to form the houses of London and then added different materials to create a variety of textures. To make our representations even more interesting, we discovered new ways of making the appearance of different textures using chalk. We were proud of how we communicated to each other in our group and how involved each member of our team was.

Anti-Bullying Week

In our anti-bullying week, we learned about kindness and respect towards each other. We made anti-bullying posters and wrote instructions to help maintain a positive environment in and out of class. We are consistently trying to model acts of kindness and our kindness jar helps us to do so! Each act of kindness is rewarded with a gem in the kindness jar and a step towards earning a special treat at the end of the week. We are doing extremely well so far!

Fire Fire!

To introduce our exciting topic for this term (fire!), we were visited by the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. We had a discussion about the daily life of a fireman and the importance of fire safety. Did you know their ladder can extend up to 30 metres tall? We were then shown an amazing fire engine! This fantastic fire experience enabled us to write detailed recounts. We learned a great amount on this special day and thank the fire service for visiting our school.

Design and Technology 

In our design and technology lessons, we made portraits of ourselves to link with our topic: 'About Us'. Then we applied our learning of drawing to make a moving picture.

Class Dojo!

We are very proud of ourselves for achieving 20+ dojos!


We have been trying extremely hard in our maths lessons! We have taken part in fun activities where we ordered, identified place value and partitioned numbers in different ways. We have also worked together to estimate and measure objects. What a fantastic start to Year 2!

A New Year!

We have an exciting year ahead of us. Our class page will keep you updated about our learning opportunities and how we will learn and grow together. We will look forward to sharing our learning journeys with you soon.