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Year 4

Hi everyone!

I hope you are keeping healthy and have all been able to access learning at home.  In this section, I share tasks, websites and videos that can help you to continue with structured learning while school is closed.  Each child has their login details inside their reading record so they can access the following sites:


TT Rockstars:


Active Learn:

Times Table Speed Test: 

Further useful websites can be found beneath the class links on the home learning page.

Daily Tasks

 We have created 'Daily Task' sheets to aid with home learning.  They include a reading, a grammar, a spelling, and a maths task for each day of the week. Please find next week's tasks below:

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 Year 4 week 1 day 2.docxDownload
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 Year 4 week 1 day 4.docxDownload
 Year 4 week 1 day 5.docxDownload
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  • Meet the rest of the class in TTRockstars ‘Arena’ each day at 10.30 to challenge your classmates. I will also setup a weekly competition to see who will be our weekly champion!
  • Please read every day and update your reading record.
  • Access to challenge yourself and practise any tables you are not 100% confident with.

If you have any work you would like to show us, please email it to 

Year 4 Home Learning Timetable W/C Monday 30th March



Joe Wicks

Design your on gymnastic sequences

Complete your ‘Speech Punctuation’ task

Plan a short story about Beowulf and a battle with a new beast

Complete Mathletics task

Complete your science task


Joe Wicks

Practise your gymnastic sequence

Begin writing your short story.  Remember to use our Year 4 Writing Checklist (below)

Complete worksheet on symmetry

Sketch an Anglo Saxon house.  (Search for images on the internet)


Joe Wicks

Perform your sequence to an audience

Finish your short story.  Use the checklist to make sure you have done Year 4 writing

Complete your second maths task

Shade your sketch.  Think about the shadows the house would cast


Joe Wicks

Teach your sequence to an adult

Begin your letter to Beowulf for the week

Draw a symmetrical pattern

Create an animation on Purple Mash.  This could be a Saxon warrior battling Grendel.


Joe Wicks

Perform your synchronised sequence with an adult

Check, edit, improve and complete your letter

Use any objects from around the home (e.g. Fruit, Lego, toys) to create a symmetrical pattern. 

Help an adult prepare a meal


Brilliant Writing!!!

Thank you to all the children who have been busy at home.  I have already been sent some lovely pieces of work that I have really enjoyed looking at.  Here are a few paragraphs from one of the stories I have been sent.  Can you 'magpie' some of the ideas and vocabulary for your own story?


The snow egg


One freezing day in the snowy barbaric archipelago, a lonely Viking boy named Scribblur was
walking back home over a mountain from a long days work of fishing, when he noticed
something. Along the field of white glistening snow there was a thing that caught his eye, an
egg. A blue purple speckled egg. It was clearly not meant to be there, because it stuck out like
a sore thumb! He had no choice so he heaved the huge egg over his shoulders and carried on
home . So no one would see it, Scribbler emptied all the fish out of the crate he was holding and
stuffed the egg in instead. His legs aching beneath the huge crate Scribblur stumbled home to
his grandfather's cosy cabin near the sea to ask him what he'd found.


The hatching portal

Scribblur stared at the egg that was now beginning to crack. For a split second Scribblur wished
he'd left the egg alone until... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM the egg exploded in a flurry of purple
sparks and a portal appeared that looked like lightning itself. Suddenly, Scribblur and the baby
dragon were sucked into the lightning like portal. A strange rushing sensation came over
Scribblur but the dragon seemed to not notice .
A scene of beautiful cliffs and calm waters met Scribblur's eyes, then everything went
completely black the last thing he heard were multiple blood- curdling dragon growls...


Oscar (Year 4)