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Intent Statement

At Shay Lane Primary School we believe every child is a musician. Music has great potential to enrich the lives of all children, fostering a happy, nurturing school environment. It unlocks their creativity, sparking joy and inspiration.

Through learning to play a musical instrument our children show great dedication. They show aspiration when they sing, compose and improvise their own musical ideas. Co-operation is key when they perform as an ensemble, group or choir. And they take inspiration from listening to and enjoying a wide range of music from different cultures, countries and great composers.

Our curriculum allows children to develop their working memory and knowledge of the interrelated dimensions of music, as they progress through school.  We build upon prior learning, allowing children to expand their skills and vocabulary, while encouraging an appreciation of a range of styles and genres.

Our use of music across the curriculum aids children’s learning, creating valuable and memorable experiences.

Together we learn and sing songs, play ukuleles, violins and guitars. We dance, bang drums, and we create, compose and share music across all year groups.

We love seeing the happiness music brings to the children, building their confidence and self-esteem.

Key features of our Music Curriculum:

  • We promote participation and inclusion so that every child has music as part of their personal learning experience.
  • We equip children with the vocabulary necessary to discuss and evaluate their performances and compositions, and to build upon their working memory.
  • We provide children with the opportunity to play a variety of musical instruments, and to perform in concerts, collaborations and ensembles.
  • We embrace music passionately as a staff, demonstrating our own love of performing, composing and listening.

Please click on the link below to access our Music Policy:

Music Policy

Year 3 ukelele performance and improvisation

EYFS Christmas Performance

Year 1 and 2 Christmas Performance

Year 3 and 4 Christmas Performance

Year 5 and 6 Christmas Performance