Shay Lane Primary School

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Physical Education

Intent Statement

At Shay Lane we believe PE and sport plays an important role in making our school vision a reality for every pupil, providing a caring and challenging learning environment which promotes the highest achievement regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. Our core values of: Dedication, Aspiration, Co-operation, and Inspiration are at the centre of school and our children’s experiences. PE and sport is an important vehicle for all our children to experience these values whilst attending Shay Lane. PE and sport promotes these important values that children will be able to take with them along their life long journey.

Key Features.

  • We promote participation for all children, in many different physical and sporting activities.
  • We support our children to play to the spirit of the game and learn the value in being a good sports person.
  • We provide opportunities to develop moral, spiritual, social and cultural development.
  • We promote physical activity as an important part in a healthy life style.
  • We want all children to enjoy and succeed in physical activity and sport.

Pupil Voice

This is what our children thought about PE.

Year 6

 "PE is fun and we learn about team work and completing challenges."

" We keep fit by doing different sports and exercise."

Year 5

"I love PE because we have learnt about the world of dance!"

"We always do mini competitions and I enjoy being part of a team."

Year 4

"I like running and playing football as well as other invasion games."

"I enjoy dance and tennis."

Year 3

"PE is really important because it helps us to keep healthy."

"I enjoy PE because we learn new games and sports and we sometimes play in competitions."

Year 2

"I like movement and dance when we were like lions and tigers."

PE is about playing games and keeping healthy."

Year 1

"I like going outside to play games with balls."



Whole School Overview

Progression Document



Year 3 and 4 Rugby Team.

Year 5 Ball skills

KS2 Extra curricular dodgeball club.

Year 3 Dance

Year 3  Ball skills.