Shay Lane Primary School

Home School Agreement

Please find below the pledges that are outlined on our Home School Agreement

The School Will:

  • Care for your child’s wellbeing
  • encourage your child to achieve his/ her full potential in all aspects of school life
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum as determined by current legislation
  • work to determine and to meet the individual needs of your child
  • strive to promote high standards of behaviour and work by developing a sense of responsibility
  • keep you informed about general school matters and about your child’s progress in particular
  • welcome your interest and provide opportunities for you to become involved in the life of the school

The parents/ guardians/ carers – I /We shall aim to:

  • ensure that my child attends school regularly, on time and properly equipped, for the day’s activities and lessons
  • inform school of any serious problems that may affect my child’s work or behaviour
  • support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour, discipline, bullying and uniform
  • support my child in the management of homework
  • attend parent’s evenings and discussions about my child’s progress, where possible.
  • inform the school before the start of the school day when my child is absent through illness
  • write requesting leave of absence for reasons of exceptional circumstances known in advance

Pupils are expected to:

  • Attend school regularly and punctually, and bring all the equipment and clothing necessary for each day
  • Wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance
  • Do all classwork and homework to the best of their ability
  • Be polite to others and respect others property
  • Treat the school environment with respect