Shay Lane Primary School



Filtering and Monitoring Lead: Miss K Stones

Filtering and Monitoring Governor: Mr D Wright

E-Safety Team: Miss K Stones, Mr D Wright, Mrs M Melgram, Mrs H Shepherd, Mr A Poppleton, Mr M Gilbert, Mr G Goodwill (Alamo)

E-Safety Ambassadors:  Finley, Eliza, Dalton and Scarlett.

E-Safety Policy


Shay Lane Primary School fully recognises the contribution it can make to protect children and support them in school. Our aim is to safeguard and promote our staff and pupils’ use of the internet and electronic communication technology such as mobile phones and wireless connectivity. Our School Policy highlights the need to educate children and young people about the benefits and risks of using new technologies both in and away from school. It will also provide safeguards and rules to guide staff, pupils and visitors in their online experiences. The school e-safety policy operates in conjunction with other policies including; Behaviour, Anti-Bullying, Equal Opportunities and Acceptable Use Agreements. For the curriculum coverage of ICT lessons please refer to the Computing Curriculum Policy.

Our Curriculum

As part of computing, PSHE, Pol-Ed and other areas of learning within the curriculum, e-safety is taught in an age-appropriate way and tackles modern issues with developing risks and technology in today's world.  Further to our intent, plans are adapted and additional sessions included where need is identified for a robust, evolving curriulum.  Should any parent want to discuss specific details appointments can be made at the office.

Police Visit

We have had a special visit from our local policing team to discuss internet safety with Year 5 and 6.  Officers discussed appropriate conduct online including the impact of digital footprints and sending photos.  Our pupils enjoyed meeting the team and asked interesting questions.  As part of the session, our E-Safety Ambassadors offered support to pupils and shared what we are doing in school including playground surveys, raising awareness and promoting excellent safety by sharing our cross curricular stories with younger pupils.

Parents' E-Safety Inspire Afternoon

"It was a really useful and interesting session. Thank you!"

"It was a fun way of engaging children and teaching them about E-Safety"

Parents of Year 5 and Year 6 children spent the afternoon learning about E-Safety.  School leaders shared a presentation recommended by Childnet and discussed the risks and what actions could be taken when keeping children safe at home; this also included local issues in preparation for secondary.  As part of the session, the pupils joined their family members for the second half and produced an E-Safety board game for them to take home and play together. In order to win, players had to collect E-Safety Champion cards by responding correctly to a selected situation card when landing on a problem square.

Please see the bottom of the page for further information for parents or alternatively make an appointment to speak to a member of staff. 

E-Safety Assemblies

As part of Safer Internet Day, we have promoted E-Safety throughout all of our Monday assemblies this half-term.  Our pupils, who all enjoy reading, were enthusiastic to share our E-Safety books.  Together we discussed the behaviours of Clickin' Chicken, Goldilocks and Screen's frustration with a growing Technology Tail!  Please click on the books below to share them again at home. 

 Chicken Clicking (Online Safety Picture Books) : Willis, Jeanne, Ross,  Tony: Books                                                      The Technology Tail: A Digital Footprint Story: 3 (Communicate  W/Confidence) (Communicate with Confidence) : Julia Cook, Anita DuFalla: Books                                      Goldilocks: A fairy tale for the digital age | The Education People

Technology Permissions

All children must discuss the 'Acceptable Use Policy' at home with a grown up and sign them together before using any technology at school.

Acceptable Use Agreement

All photograph consent forms need to be completed and sent in as soon as possible or your child/children will be excluded from all photographs for this year.

We ask for these forms to be completed and returned to school as soon as possible to keep your child/ children safe in and out of school in line with our safeguarding protocols.