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Governor Roles, Responsibilities and Remit

Most Governing Bodies have established committees; all committees should have a remit outlining the functions delegated to each committee. These remits should be reviewed annually to see if the Governing Body is carrying out its duties in an effective and efficient manner. An established committee structure can spread the workload of the Governing Body and enable governors to become more involved in other areas of the school. The principle of the committee role is to conduct necessary background work, thus enhancing the effectiveness of governing body meetings.

A major role for Governors is monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the school consistently endeavours to raise standards.

Monitoring includes gathering evidence to determine what progress has been made;

evaluation is making judgements about this evidence.

Both these tasks can be achieved through the documentation and reports received from the school and LA (Local Authority).

  • The quorum for committees is a minimum of 3 governors; the Governing Body determines the membership and the remit of each committee.
  • Any governor can attend a committee meeting but only named committee members can vote.
  • The Chair of the committee, in liaison with the Headteacher, compiles an agenda for each meeting; this agenda should be circulated to all members at least 7 days prior to the meeting.
  • The Headteacher, Chairperson, Chair of Resources, Bursar/Finance/Business Officer cannot take the minutes of the meeting; the minutes should include the date, time of meeting, members in attendance, apologies for absence and notes of all agenda items. The minutes should be produced as soon as is practical after the meeting and the draft copy sent to the Head and Chair; an approved copy should then be sent to the GSO (Governor Support Officer),
  • Functions that cannot be delegated to committees include: constitution of the Governing Body, appointment or removal of Chair/Vice-Chair, suspension of a governor, appointment of a clerk to the Governing Body, establishment/remits of committees, appointment of governors, decisions on the delivery of SRE (Sex & Relationships Education), decision on the length of school sessions.

The Chairperson has the power to act in an emergency situation where a delay could be seriously detrimental to the interests of the school, a registered pupil, a parent or a person employed by the school, but cannot make a decision on admissions, discipline policies, approval of first budget and closure or change of category of school.

Each remit should include:

Title of Group: (e.g. Resources committee)

How often meetings will be held: Every term.

Membership: 4

Quorum: (minimum of 3)

Minute taker: LA Clerk

Review: Annually



How often meetings will be held: Every term. 

Membership: 4

Quorum: 3

Minute taker: LA Clerk.

Review: Annually

  • Review policies on a  regular basis and ensure staff are aware of the policies (Charging, Equal Opportunities, Financial Management, Grievance & Discipline, Health & Safety, Lettings, Performance Management, Recruitment & Retention, Whistle Blowing, Whole School Pay),
  • To approve the budget plan and monitor variations to the original budget (ensuring governors are provided with up-to-date financial information),
  • To discuss the budget in accordance with school priorities (in line with SDP/SIP) and the longer term priorities of the school,
  • To regularly monitor pupil numbers to assess the impact on future delegated budgets,
  • To ensure that financial deadlines are met (i.e. approval of budget plan)
  • To undertake an annual review of all expenditure with a view to achieving `Best Value’ with regard to the delegated budget and to ensure that the school’s financial performance is in line with the budget and to approve a Statement of Internal Control annually,
  • To undertake an annual review of all sources of income to ensure fees and charges remain appropriate,
  • To discuss options available to the school prior to the approval of continuation/cessation of contracts including LA Buy Back agreements,
  • To recommend the level of delegation afforded to the Headteacher, Headteacher and Chairperson and Resources committee,
  • To ensure that there is an annual audit of the school fund & to monitor the expenditure of school funds,
  • To ensure Business Interest Forms have been signed and dated by all governors (staff should be reminded to advise the Head of any business interest and any interest should be noted),
  • To review the staffing structure/pay whenever a vacancy arises and review procedures for recruitment and selection ensuring that procedures are in place for managing staff levels (including re-deployment, early retirement, redundancy),
  • To ensure that the principles of safer recruitment are adhered to,
  • To review the salaries of main scale teachers annually, and make recommendations,
  • To make recommendations relating to the award of discretionary payments for temporary additional responsibility for the approval of the Governing Body,
  • To ensure that the budget set reflects salary increases through meeting objectives from the performance management process,
  • To ensure any budget carry-overs are accounted for in terms of projected expenditure
  • To ensure CPD (Continuous Professional Development) remains a focus for staff training,
  • To monitor the condition of the school premises and consider options for building improvements (review Premises Development Plan),
  • To undertake an annual safety check of the school premises,
  • To approve applications for the use of school premises,
  • To ensure that the school complies with health & safety regulations and ensure risk assessments are carried out regularly and the asbestos action plan is reviewed (if applicable)
  • To review insurance arrangements,
  • To encourage governors to attend training to enable them to carry out their duties effectively,
  • To ensure that the school is properly accountable for the financial aspects of its performance (i.e. it deploys resources in line with priorities, achieves planned levels of financial performance, avoids incurring financial loss and waste, receives favourable assessments from internal audit and Ofsted),
  • Responsibilities are brought to the attention of new governors,
  • To ensure meetings are conducted in an open manner, enabling governors to contribute to the discussions,
  • To complete a self-evaluation of financial management competencies.
  • Any other matters as directed by the Governing Body,
  • To ensure that all teaching staff & support staff are valued and receive proper recognition for their work and contribution to the school life.


How often meetings will be held: Every term.

Membership: 4

Quorum: 3

Minute taker: LA Clerk

Review: Annually

  • To monitor the SDP/SIP (school development plan/school improvement plan),
  • Ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is provided and ensure governors have a knowledge of how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced,
  • To receive reports on school innovations and how the school is responding to legislative requirements in the curriculum,
  • Review Policies on a  regular basis and ensure staff are aware of the policies.
  • To ensure that the requirements of children with SEN and looked-after children are met and to ensure that the school has a designated member of staff for co-ordinating child protection within school & liaising with other agencies,
  • To review the School Website
  • To review, after consultation with the Headteacher, staff, parents and pupils, policies on welfare, health & safety of pupils and the dress and appearance of pupils with due regard to their spiritual, moral, cultural & social well-being whilst encouraging opportunities for their personal development,
  • To review the procedures for school  visits and residential activities – ensure thorough risk assessments have taken place and policies have been reviewed on charging, remission and conduct of these visits,
  • To consider school improvement targets and monitor the progress of pupils,
  • To ensure that racist  incidents and incidents of physical intervention are recorded and reported to the LA,
  • To consider ways of promoting the school in the community, developing positive links and providing extended services for the local community,
  • To review the information provided on published school performance data,
  • To consider all issues regarding the welfare of pupils with due regard to their spiritual, moral, cultural and social well-being, whilst encouraging opportunities for their personal development,
  • To promote extra-curricular activities and assist the school when planning for any special events in school,
  • To promote community cohesion,
  • To monitor patters of attendance and exclusions and to receive statistical information on any (un-named) pupil exclusions
  • To ensure records are up-to-date (ensure checks have been carried out on all staff and there is evidence in school of these checks),
  • To link governors to a class to liaise with the teacher and gain experience of the curriculum taught,
  • Any other matters as directed by the Governing Body.

Appraisal Review Committee

Governors are responsible for reviewing Headteacher performance and should appoint two or more individuals from the full governing body to act as the appraisal review committee. This committee is charged with:

  • Reviewing and evaluating the Headteacher’s performance
  • Setting new objectives
  • Agreeing and implementing arrangements for monitoring against objectives

The committee may also, depending on whether delegated powers have been accorded, be involved in making recommendations on Headteacher pay.

The role of the School Improvement Partner/Link Adviser is to provide advice to the performance review committee on how to evaluate the performance of their Headteacher and on the most suitable objectives for the coming year.  This involves:

  • Discussion with the Headteacher about their performance
  • Discussion with the committee to help them review performance and consider new objectives
  • Advising governors of monitoring procedure.


  • Does the Governing Body work in partnership with the school?
  • Are committee minutes/agendas produced and circulated in sufficient time?
  • Is there a clear structure for committees?
  • Is good use made of the Governing Body’s time? Are meetings clear and focused and undertaken in a reasonable time?
  • Are new governors mentored by an experienced governor?
  • Does the Governing Body have good links with parents? How do you involve parents in their child’s learning?
  • Are you aware of the skills of each governor?
  • What are governors’ training requirements; are these reflected in the Governing Body Development Plan?
  • How often do governors attend school functions?
  • Is there an agreed policy on the management of governor visits?
  • Do new governors have the confidence to ask questions on anything they do not understand?
  • How is the workload of the Governing Body organised? Is the workload spread out amongst the whole Governing Body?





Meet Our Governors

Heather Baxter - Vice Chair of Governors

Pupil Premium Governor

Chair of Standards Committee

After working in the medical records department for the NHS for a number of years, I gave up my job to become a full time mother.

I was keen to get back into the working role when the opportunity to become a Parent Governor arose and I was successfully elected in December 2013.

I am keen to look at all aspects of School Improvement and Performance Management and to also undertake my Statutory duties with care and enthusiasm.

I am also the Pupil Premium Governor and a member of the Standards Committee.

My most important role as a Governor is to ensure that all pupils are safe and happy in their learning environment and that their abilities are catered for so that each individual child can achieve his or her full potential.

Declared Business Interests:- None


Sarah Rutson - Co-Opted Governor - Standards Committee

Child in Care Governor

Maths and Art Governor

I am proud to be a Parent Governor at Shay Lane and to be able to assist in the development of the school. I have a daughter in Key Stage 1 at the school, and another younger daughter who I hope will attend the school in the future. I am also a member of the Standards Committee and the Maths Link Governor.

I have been a secondary school teacher for 15 years, so I can bring knowledge and experience of the education system to the Governing Body, as well as leadership and analytical skills.

I believe that engaging pupils in learning from the earliest possible opportunity leads to a lifelong love of learning and success throughout their schooling. I hope to be able to assist in keeping the school moving forward and achieving its goals for the future of all its pupils.

Declared Business Interests - None


David Wright - Chair of Governors / Resources Committee

Safeguarding Governor 

Filtering and Monitoring Governor

I feel very privileged to have been invited to join the governing board of Shay Lane Primary School and support the school as a governor. I have a wealth of experience, gained over a thirty plus year career in teaching,  sixteen of which were as a head-teacher, which I will be able to bring to the role. I look forward to supporting and challenging the school to the best of my ability over the next few years. 

Declared Business Interests:- None



Mathew Lindop - Parent Governor

As my daughter attends Shay Lane and being in her formative years, I have a vested interest in the success of the school. I am a very inclusive person who likes to see all children, no matter their background, have the opportunities to flourish in life and reach their true potential. Having experienced the loss of my father in my primary school years, I could have taken a very different path in my life if it were not for the strong and caring guidance I received at home and at school. Because of this I realise what an important role school plays in a child's future as a whole and not just in academic excellence. 

I believe primary school is a vital stage in a child's development and their early experiences have a massive impact upon their life, sowing seeds for their future. Using my life experiences and skills I will help them on their journey where I can. 


Mark Gilbert - Co-opted Governor- Resources Committee

Training Link Governor

Both my daughters currently attend Shay Lane Primary School my youngest is in the reception class and my older daughter is in Year 5, so this is a long-term commitment.

I’m currently a project manager at the NHS National Leadership Academy and my job involves working with a wide variety of people and I will use this experience to represent parents – helping to maintain the current high standards for students and teachers at Shay Lane School. I’m friendly and approachable and will take pride in being a voice for the parents and the children.

In addition to this, my wife is a primary school teacher and I have considerable knowledge of the types of challenges teachers and students face.


Wendy Cooper - Co-opted Governor- Standards Committee

SEND & EYFS Governor

I am a grandparent of two boys who are pupils at Shay Lane Primary School, and two girls who hope to join in the next couple of years. I am now retired for some ten years, however in my previous role I was a teacher, Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher in a number of schools in the Wakefield and Leeds areas. I am keen to share my knowledge and support the children at Shay Lane. 

In my spare time, I enjoy walking, dancing modern jive, traditional crafting and cooking / baking. 

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