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Intent Statement

At Shay Lane, we have invested in the Jigsaw scheme and adapted it to meet the needs of all children in our school. Jigsaw holds children at its heart, and its cohesive vision helps children understand and value how they fit into and contribute to the world. With strong emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health, Jigsaw 3-11 properly equips schools to deliver engaging and relevant PSHE within a whole-school approach. Jigsaw lessons also include mindfulness allowing children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration, focus and self-regulation.

It is important for our children to feel unique, to understand and celebrate difference, to challenge stereotypes and to be proud of their personal identity.  They need to be prepared for the next steps in life, and the changes that come with growing up, such as feelings, physical growth, increased independence and how to deal with transition. Our children are growing up in a constantly developing world, and it is our job to equip them with the skills to live healthy, safe and happy lives. The new PSHE/RSE curriculum puts in place the building blocks of healthy and respectful relationships and friendships, including online and safe relationships.  Mental health, including feelings of loneliness, bullying, prejudice and discrimination will also help and support our children to take care of themselves and know where to turn for support and guidance.

The aims of our PSHE/RSHE curriculum in our school are:

  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Know how to keep themselves safe.
  • Understand and develop good relationships with other members of the school and wider community with signs of respect to differences of people.
  • Be an independent and responsible member of class, school, local and global community.
  • Be positive and active members of a democratic society. 
  • Make informed choices regarding personal and social issues.



The Curriculum has been planned carefully to ensure all children build on their PSHE knowledge and skills year on year. Themes have been planned to engage and enthuse children's learning, whilst taking into consideration previous learning and how to move them further on in their learning. Our Progression Document shows the content that will be delivered throughout the Jigsaw themes across Shay Lane. Through a carefully planned progressive-curriculum, teachers plan engaging topics which they think that will inspire, challenge and motivate children to learn.

Whole School Progression Document

PSHE Policy



Our aim at Shay Lane Primary School is to nurture and prepare our children to be ready for the future. Our PSHE curriculum is integral in this and is interwoven through everything wo do. PSHE enables our children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. It aims to help them understand how they are developing personally and socially, and tackles many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are all part of growing up. We provide our children with opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society. Our children are encouraged to be global citizens; develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life, the wider community and the wider world.


Relationship, Sex and Health Education 

Before beginning to roll out RSHE across school, we carried out a staff and parent consultation.  Comments were addressed by school leaders, and taken into account by the Governing Board who agreed that the teaching of RSHE using the Jigsaw PSHE programme should go ahead. The Jigsaw PSHE programme includes lessons on ALL aspects of compulsory Relationships and Health Education, designed in a sensitive, spiral, age-appropriate curriculum. It also has a few lessons on human reproduction in Key Stage 2 to ensure children know the accurate facts concerning this before going to secondary school, and to ensure children understand why the body changes in adolescence.

At Shay Lane, we teach RSHE (Relationship, Sex and Health Education) as part of PSHE, which means that parents are able to withdraw their children from lessons that cover 'intercourse, conception and birth'.  This needs to be done in writing via the school office.  At Shay Lane, we believe this work is an important part of safeguarding children, as knowledge empowers them, helping them to stay safe and cope with puberty understanding why their bodies will change.


Pupil Voice

Here is what our children have to say about PSHE in our school:

Year One
"I like passing around Jigsaw Jack and talking about different families."

Year Two
"I like when we work as a team to solve challenges."
"We get to share our ideas about feeling happy."

Year Three
"In PSHE we hear about different situations and work together to solve them."
"PSHE is fun because we learn how to keep safe and be healthy."

Year Four
"I like how we get to express our feelings and share these with our class mates."
"We get to learn new thing and it can save ours and others lives."

Year Five
"You get the chance to ask questions that you're not sure about and get to discuss them."
"I like that we get to learn things ready for when we get older."

Year Six
"My favourite part is getting to use the chime in mindfulness to relax and think about our favourite places whilst focusing on our breathing."

PSHE in Shay Lane Primary School

PSHE Class Journey Books
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