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Intent Statement

At Shay Lane Primary School, we want our children to be curious and excited about the world they live in. We value the importance of developing children’s curiosity and encourage them to ask questions and find answers through our teaching of science. Science is evident in all aspects of life; we want our children to make real connections between science and the universe they are part of. We want them to build confidence, knowledge and a sense of responsibility for their futures.

Our science curriculum promotes the school’s core values of:

Dedication- children are encouraged, through working scientifically, to make predictions, carry out investigations, gather, record and analyse data and make conclusions based on their findings.

Aspiration- children are taught about the importance, usage and implications of science today and how science will be part of their futures so that they become lifelong learners.

Co-operation-through working scientifically children will be encouraged to share ideas and work collaboratively through practical experiences, conducting experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently.

Inspiration- children will be inspired by the world they live in and be encouraged to be inquisitive about the universe whilst developing respect for the living and non-living.

Our science curriculum allows children to build on their prior knowledge and learning by providing stimulating and challenging lessons that encourage all children, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or ability, to become young scientists. The teaching of science is mapped across the 3 Key Stages and lessons are planned so they build a progressive body of key knowledge, thinking scientifically and specialist vocabulary. Teaching also allows for misconceptions to be addressed.


Key features of our science curriculum:

We provide children with the opportunity to explore and investigate the world around them.

We encourage children to pose questions, make predictions and be confident in their own curiosity.

We provide children with the opportunity to build skills and knowledge through working scientifically and learning about life processes and living things, material and their properties and physical processes.

We equip children with the vocabulary necessary to predict, discuss and make conclusions based on their findings and to build upon their working memory.

We encourage children to collaborate their ideas and work co-operatively through working scientifically.

We equip children with skills and knowledge so they are confident at carrying out practical activities and show a willingness to ask questions, plan and modify their own ideas and make conclusions based on their findings.




The teaching of Science at Shay Lane focuses on expanding children’s knowledge, encouraging them to ask questions, use and understand new vocabulary and acquire the scientific skills they need to carry out investigations safely by using the correct equipment.  Through our Science teaching we aim to increase our children’s curiosity as scientists and develop their skills in working scientifically.

Science is taught in discrete weekly sessions although, cross curricular links are made where appropriate. Teachers use the science planning progression documents to ensure that children build on their previous learning and knowledge and that Science is taught in a systematic and progressive way. Each document provides teachers with scientific enquiry questions that are specific to the unit; these promote an enquiry-based approach to learning.  As children move through the school, they are also encouraged to ask their own questions from which learning opportunities can be facilitated. Scientific vocabulary is carefully mapped to allow children to use and understand scientific language relevant to their year group whilst using learned vocabulary from previous units of work.

Classrooms have a learning wall where science vocabulary, children’s work and questions to further children’s knowledge can be found.

Where applicable, links are made with the local area (including the nature area and school grounds) and class trips are planned to allow children to experience Science in a real life context enabling children to make connections between their learning and the importance of Science in the world around them.

Cross curricular links are made where applicable for example, looking at the work of famous scientists, learning about Science in history and making connections with other subjects.



Our science curriculum ensures children leave Shay Lane Primary School with the scientific skills, knowledge and confidence to continue their learning journey. We want our children to be able to make connections with science in the wider world and develop interests that may inspire the next generation of scientists. We want our children to be able to work collaboratively, be inquisitive and not be afraid to ask questions about the world they live in.



Science planner of events 2023

This link is to aid teachers across the year where events or celebrations may be used as a hook to introduce learning in Science. It may also be of interest to parents who want to support their child at home.



Useful resources

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